Monday, November 14, 2011

October 23, 2011

Dearest Family and Friends,
Hello from your favorite sister in Canada ! I love preparation days. It's wonderful to be able to tell each of you how I'm doing and share some inspiring and fun stories from my mission. I have enjoyed the correspondence I've gotten from many of you via emails forwarded from my dad and letters (that take forever to get here it seems, around 10 days or so). But most of all it's wonderful to hear that everyone is doing well.
I love working with Sister Jones and I'm so glad she laughs with me. I was nervous that I wouldn't laugh very much as a missionary, but so far it's been wonderful. Our mission president says that "soberness does not mean you're spiritual. Enjoy the mission." :)
This past week I had a moment when I finally felt like a "Real Missionary" Sister Jones and I had decided to stop by a lot of the members. We mapped out their houses and decided to knock the doors in between as we went. :) It was fantastic. The sun was shining, I had my backpack, Sister Jones had a Book of Mormon we parked our car down the street and walked for hours. :) It was so great. Especially having the wind blow in our hair and to see our shadows on the sidewalk in front of us as we walked. I'm a real missionary!!! I actually feel like one now too. While doing this we saw a lady racking her leaves. We stopped and asked, "Do you need any help?" Her reply, "No! What church are you with?" "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." "Definitely Not! I'm a Born Again Baptist. I know what you guys want and I'll have none of it." Surprised and slightly taken back, we thanked her for her time and went on our way. Gotta love Tracting.
We got to teach Geno again this week. We focused on the life of Christ because of his Muslim background. It was wonderful! We talked about everything from his birth to the Atonement and we talked about how the Savior knows exactly how he feels, the Spirit was so strong. We testified to him and then I asked him again if he would be baptized and gave him the date of November 26th. He didn't say yes, but he didn't say no either. He told us that he knows that God it there and that Jesus Christ is His son, but he wants his family to be baptized with him. Right now his wife and him are struggling a little bit so he says it might take more time before he can be. We have tried to meet with his family more and it's going to take a little more effort to meet with his wife just because she works a lot. I hope and pray that everything will work out and that eventually this family can be sealed together one day. Geno has come to church twice in a row now. :)
While visiting members we got a referral of a lady from Ukraine . The best part, her name is Leanna!!! (I'm not sure if she spells it the same but that is her name) When the members said it I got really excited and asked her name again just so I could hear my name said again. As Sister Thompson I don't ever hear my first name and I miss that a lot so this was wonderful. We'll be stopping by this upcoming week and hopefully we'll start teaching her. :)
Sister Jones and I got the opportunity to speak in Sacrament meeting yesterday. My topic was the Plan of Salvation and Sister Jones talked on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was so great. (I'm really weird, I love talking in Sacrament meeting, I think I enjoy speaking too much). Speaking of talking, we were at a member's house and they asked us the usual questions. They happened to have a daughter living in Vernal, Utah so they asked a lot/ talked a lot about Vernal. I didn't say anything because I know hardly anything about Vernal (where Sister Jones is from). Well you'll never guess what Sister Pratt said, "Sister Thompson, are you going to talk?" I laughed really hard inside about that. Usually people are trying to get me to be quiet. :) So, I am now here to testify that I can not talk Dad. Ask Sister Pratt. :)
Right as we were leaving for our meetings and church yesterday we got a call from the Gospel Principles teacher saying he wouldn't be there and asked us to teach Lesson 38. We had no time to plan so we just taught by the spirit (good thing the manual lays the lesson out pretty well). So here Sister Jones and I were, the only 2 people in the room not married in the temple talking about Eternal Marriage (our investigator had to leave so he wasn't there). It was pretty funny to us. Ironic right?
The ward we are serving in is fantastic. They are really excited to have us and to do Missionary Work. We got 5 Member referrals this week (I guess that's not normal.) Next week we'll be teaching the combined Relief Society and Priesthood lesson. (It's a good thing that wasn't this week because we would have spoken in Sacrament mtg, taught Gospel principles, and taught the combined lesson.) Oh the joys of being a missionary. :)
Well, I love each and everyone of you. Continue to put all your trust in the Lord. He is there!
Sister Leanna Thompson

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