Dearest Family and Friends,
This week has been kind of a Gongshow (Canadian word for crazy!) Surprisingly I don't have very much to report though. We had a trainers' Follow up meeting at the Mission Home on Thursday. That was really good. There were about 16 Missionaries there, 8 or so conference called on the phone and then the assistants. It was really fun. So Sunday after Church we had a ward Potluck. It was the best ever because they served us CAFE RIO!!!!! Yum!!!! I was in Heaven!!! Anyone that knows me knows that I love Cafe Rio/ Costa Vida. Sister Williams and I were so happy. They said they had a lot of extras so we could take some with us. We had some tupperware in our car that we needed to return to our Bishop, so instead, we grabbed that and filled it up! YUM!!!!! HEAVEN!!!!!!!! I'm so happy :)
So Sadly, I don't have a whole lot to say today. I think I am going to attach some of my favorite Mormon Messages. I want you all to take the time to look them up. They are great!!!! :)
I love this one about Eternal Life.
And this one is awesome about Missionary Service. :)
Well, I love you all! Stay strong! Stay true! Stay Blue!!! (Go Cougars!!!! ) ;)
Love, Sister Thompson