Monday, November 26, 2012

November 26, 2012

To everyone that I care about so much,
Another week in the Canada Edmonton Mission! I love being a missionary (I'm sure you've heard me say that many times before, but it's SO True!!!!) Everyday is an adventure. Everyday is a Success! First off, before I forget- HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!!! (From Me and Sister Williams!) Hope it's a blast and full of good food and lots of fun! Tuesday morning we taught seminary. It was really fun. (super small class though, only about 5 students.) I love teaching so much. It was fun to hear all their insights as well. We taught about the story of Mary and Martha and how Mary chose the better part. It got me thinking a lot about life. How often do I spend time on things that aren't very important. I should be more focused on things that matter most. And the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Family and Friends matter most!
We also taught Chris more about the Priesthood. He asked us how he could prepare to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood. (Thanks Laura for responding to my question.) It was an amazing lesson. We gave him a lot of reading material, but watched this awesome Mormon Message with him about the Power of God. Here is the link It is amazing!!!! Everyone should watch it!!! (Make sure you have tissues close by.) I just want to give a shout out to all the amazing Priesthood holders in my life. Grandfathers, my Dad, my Brothers, friends, past home teachers, many Bishops and other ward leaders, my Mission President and other Elders/ Mission Leaders, and all the amazing members in the different areas I've served. To all of you- Thank You!!!! Thank You for being worthy of the Priesthood. Thank you for using it to bless my life and many other lives. That is definitely one of the greatest blessings of the Gospel- We have the God's Authority on the earth again. Never forget just how amazing that is!!!
Thursday (Thanksgiving) we had District Meeting. For District Lunch we went to Primetime Donair. Donairs are SO Good but so bad for your insides. Seriously, that was my second and last donair of my mission. The Canadian Health Society only recommends eating two a year!!!! They are really good though. It was Sister Williams and Elder Simmons' first and Elder Basinger's last. Good good times. Note- If you ever find yourself in Canada; eat a Donair!!! Also, since it was our last District Meeting (Transfer calls were today) we had ice cream and watched "The District 3" aka a mock of The District 1 and 2 that our District made for Christmas Conference. It turned out amazing!!! :)
Saturday evening we had a surprise "American Thanksgiving" with a group of 10 or so people. They put up American flags everywhere for us and we all sang the National Anthem. I almost started crying it made me so happy. God Bless America!!! It was so cool, it was one of the guys birthday (he has special needs) and to celebrate his birthday he wanted to invite the missionaries for Thanksgiving. It was so nice. They went all out. I will attach pictures. One of the guys there (who also has special needs) said, "I love Utah. Utah Grocery Stores are Paradise. All the women are so beautiful!" Ha ha we got a pretty good laugh!
 Donairs baby!!!!!
 God Bless America!!!
They even got an American Cake :)
Well, I love you all so much!
Sister Thompson

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