Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November 13, 2012

To the many people still actively reading my emails, (Thank you!)
It's nice to hear that Utah County had snow this past week, because we sure do in Edmonton. Lots of it!!!!!! Driving in it is a blast! (not). Since it is Sister Williams' first Transfer I have to drive all the time (which is leading me to pray more than ever before.) It's also gotten pretty cold. Saturday hit -16 C. I can't remember what that would be in Fahrenheit. Either way, it's cold!
This morning we got the wonderful opportunity to go to the Temple! It was amazing!!!! I loved it!!! In the entire session there were only 4 of us women (SistersCampbell, Williams, Thompson and another lady). Again, it was very powerful to see all the worthy young men. One of the Ordinance workers mentioned that come next year, Endowment sessions will probably have have sisters/ half Elders. That would be sweet! Currently our mission has 16 Sisters. It is projected to triple by next year. Crazy!!!! It think it is so awesome. There are a lot of girls in our YSA Ward that are preparing for a mission now. :) Seriously, a mission is the best decision ever!!!!!
We got to meet with our Recent Convert Chris this week. He and Jenn helped us make visuals for lessons. :) Super fun!!! Chris is so excited to get the Melchizedek Priesthood. He's wondering how he could best prepare for that. Since I don't have the Priesthood, I throw that question out to all the amazing Priesthood holder reading this email. How should Chris best prepare to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood? Please reply before next Monday (you can email my dad your response at thompson@sfcn.org ) Thanks!!!!
So, we are slowly finding more and more people to teach. We are teaching this new girl named Kristin. She is the roommate of Reanna and Karina in our ward. We do our laundry at their house every Monday and eat over there at least once a week. Kristin has sat in on multiple lessons. Last week we showed the clip Daughters of God found at http://www.lds.org/pages/mormon-messages?lang=eng#daughters-of-god (watch it! It's amazing). Anyway, she really liked it. Well, when we went to pick up our Laundry last Monday Kristin was there. She was having a really hard day. We started talking to her. She said, "Did you know that you both have a glow about you? Seriously, it's in your eyes. You're always so happy." We explained what that glow was and asked her if we could come by another time to talk more about it and how she too could have that glow. She was excited. We met with her twice last week. The lessons went amazing. She thanked us and said, "I love it when you come. The room literally gets warmer when you are here." That was really cool to hear. Having an outpouring of the Spirit all the time sometimes I forget the impact He actually has. :) I love it!!! I love this Gospel!!! I love sharing it with others.
Oh, to explain my subject line- We were meeting with a few members on Sunday. After the lesson I asked, "Is there anyone you know who needs extra love?" One of the guys in our ward started laughing. Being that this is a YSA Ward he thought it was pretty funny that I asked if there was anyone that needed extra love. We got a pretty good laugh about it. :)
Well, My time is short. I love you all!!! Stay warm, Stay true to the Gospel, Stay You!!!!!!!
Sisters Nash, Bunker, Williams, and Thompson at the temple this morning :)
Love Always and Forever,
Sister Thompson

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