Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January 23, 2012

Dear everyone reading this:

It got COLD this last week! Wednesday it was -30 C ( I think that's about -22 F) and -43 C with the Windchill.

I finally feel like I'm in Canada. However, it got up to -2 C yesterday. Random weather. Congrats Kevin on getting engaged!!! That is so exciting. I'd love to hear all about her. Whens the big day?

So cool connection, my companion Sister White went to Girl's State with me! Crazy eh? We probably sat by each other at something and didn't know that 5 years later we'd be mission companions. Small small world. I did make the connection with the Smith's in my ward. They thought that was cool. We are going over there for supper tomorrow night so I'll have to take the picture of Ethan and Becki's kids they sent me. Oh and I slept walked this last week. I don't remember which day but I totally did. I started getting ready for the day (like it was 6:30am). When I actually woke up I noticed my pillow randomly in our study room. I was so confused and then wondered why Sister White wasn't getting up. That's when I looked at the clock. 12:30am! Yep, turns out I slept walked, randomly took my pillow into the study room (don't remember doing that at all) and started getting ready for the day. At least I didn't fall out a window eh?

Last Tuesday we had interviews with President Campbell. It was so good. He is such a wonderful man, very sincere and encouraging. I enjoyed his encouraging words and council. We drove up to Red Deer for interviews and before went to lunch with the Red Deer YSA Sisters at "It's all Greek to me." It was pretty good. :)

Dinner Wednesday night was at a member's house, they have an igloo. That's right, a legit igloo in their yard. So of course we had to take pictures and crawl inside. Sadly, also that day Sister White lost her camera. We have no idea where it is and the last place we saw it was when we took a picture in Olds. Lost with it is all her pictures from her mission (7months worth). It is SO sad! I could not imagine.

Friday we noticed a new family move in right next door to us. We decided to make them dinner and welcome them into the neighborhood. We decided this would be an awesome finding technique; welcome them to the neighborhood, teach them the gospel, baptize them 3 weeks later. It was going to be a flawless plan. So, we made them dinner and walked next door. I rang the doorbell, the moment of truth. A man in his early 30's opened the door. "Hi Sisters! Come on in!" Turns out our flawless plan had one big flaw. They are members!!! Ha ha They are from Lethbridge and he just bought a dental practice here. They have 2 kids and are so nice. So, instead of getting new investigators we were the first people to welcome them into the ward. It was pretty funny. :)

There is an older (91) Sister in the ward, Sister Gudim, who we visit once a week. Sister White felt impressed that we should stop by again this last week and visit with her. When we did she was so weak and tired. She said that she is ready to go home. It was such a tender moment. She held our hands and we talked and cried with her. She told us she loved us and to continue to work hard. It was so hard to see her suffer. She just wants to move on and see her Heavenly Father. Afterward, Sister White and I talked about what a blessing it is to know where we are going after this life. There is no need to fear death.

The exciting news of the week happened last night at dinner. An Eternal Investigator, Indya Herbert (12), has met with the missionaries since she was 8 to get baptized. Her dad (Not a member) didn't let her get baptized before because he felt she was too young to make that decision. Missionaries stopped teaching her because her dad said if she kept asking he would just make her wait longer. It's been a year or so since she last asked and she has been the most active non-member I've ever met. Well, as a companionship we had set a goal to have someone get baptized on February 25th. We didn't know who, but we knew someone was going to. As we prayed and planned we felt impressed to invite Indya to get baptized then. So, we planned a lesson about the Holy Ghost and put our faith in the Lord that she would accept. She did! She was so excited and said she would ask her dad this week. We are praying that his heart will be softened and that she will be able to get baptized on that date. Please pray that he will say yes.

"If we got to pick our trials they probably wouldn't be trials."

-Sister Leanna Thompson
I love you all! Good luck with the upcoming week. I look forward to your updates on life in the States every week. Continue to be an example and share the gospel with everyone you meet!

Sister Leanna Thompson

Monday, January 16, 2012

January 16, 2012

Hello My Loved Ones,

As you can see from the subject line, exercise is key to missionary work! While setting goals, Sister White and I decided to work out harder during our morning routine (Christmas and continued meals with members has taken a toll on us). So, we decided to get a handle on it now, before it ruins us ;). While setting that goal I said, "Endorphins make you happy. And happy people testify of the Gospel!" It's now our new motto!

MAIL!!!! I finally got mail for the first time in Innisfail. And boy did I hit the jackpot. 12 letters/cards!!! Thank you everyone! I appreciate it so much. Hopefully I can find time to write you all back now. ;) Expect mail soon.

I got the opportunity to go on exchanges this last week. I got to go to Beaumont!!! Wahoo! It was wonderful. I got to see a lot of members from that ward, but sadly Gino and Tolga weren't available. They were super sad, as was I. But the great thing- they got the priesthood! That makes me so happy! Also, while on exchanges (I was with Sister Kuroki) we got to teach a former investigator named Victor. This would be his first lesson with us sisters. We pulled up to his house and just as we got there a few people got out of a car and walked to his door. "Oh no! Jehovah Witnesses!" I said to Sister Kuroki. We parked on the street right by his house as we waited for our ward member Brother Sommerfeldt to come. They were invited inside while we waited confused as to what we should do. Brother Sommerfeldt came and we explained what just happened. Many thoughts were going through my mind, "What if Victor thinks that's us? What if Victor invited them to our discussion? Do we just go knock on the door while they are in there?" We talked for only a moment. Brother Sommerfeldt made a funny comment, "What if they are tapping into your phone and know when and where you are meeting with people for lessons?" Ha ha We decided just to go knock on the door like nothing had happened. So we did. One of them opened the door. As they did so we heard Victor say, "Well, thanks anyway. Have a good day." They looked at us... super awkward and left as Victor invited us to have a seat in his living room. Overall, the whole experience was pretty funny. The lesson with Victor went so great! I'm so glad I got to be a part of it. He is a very sincere man. They are meeting with him again next week.

Sister White and I had a fun experience while trying potentials this last week. We were walking back to our car after a "Wrong House" from the door we just tried when we saw a sign. "Innisfail Pizza. $2 for a slice and a drink." We decided to take a break and get a bite to eat. We went in and there was one guy working. We talked to him a little. His name is Gill, he's in his 20's, from India, and has been in Canada for 4 months. He works for his uncle. We explained who we were and what we were doing and gave him a pass along card. Then as we went to sit down he opened the cash register and gave us each our $2 back. "For you." He said. We were a little confused and explained that we wanted to pay for our pizza. He said, "You are the first people to really talk to me since I've been here. I don't have any friends and I would like to hear this message you have to share, but I work all the time. I can't meet with you yet, but maybe in about 20 days when I get my new job. Please take your money back. I insist." We thanked him and sat down to eat. We talked about what we should do. The honest thing to do was pay for our food right? So we thought that maybe we should leave our money on the counter for him. However, I was reminded of all the people from India and Pakistan that I tracted into. Each of them gave us something for coming into their home. One of them had told us that you treat your guest like a God especially when they give you something that they value. We had given Gill our testimonies and our friendship and he wanted to pay us back. We thought he might think it rude if we leave his "Gift" (the $2) behind. We decided to accept it and we felt good about it. We talked to him again as we went to leave and he said he would call as before Sunday. He also said, "Pick your favorite pizza and I will make it for you!" A couple days later Gill did call. We talked to him for a little bit and hope to meet with him soon. He really wants to make us a pizza, but we want to pay for it and we don't think he'll let us. He's very nice. I'll keep you posted when/ if anything happens.

It is finally the cold Canada I imagined. -23C (-15F) on Sunday. It is supposed to be a high of -23C this week and low of -32C (Not including the windchill.) Fleece lined tights and thermals are the greatest invention. I love it! I'm excited to really experience winter though. (My opinion may change in about a month though).

I've decided to include a quote in each of my emails (time permitting of course). This week's quote:

"Our Eternal Happiness will be in proportion to the way we devote ourselves to helping others."

-President George Albert Smith

I love you all so much! Continue to serve others. Put your trust in the Lord and share the Gospel with everyone around you!

Love Eternally,

Sister Leanna Thompson

P.S. The pictures are from when we did exchanges (Sisters White, Jones, Kuroki, and Me) and from my first mail delivery in Innisfail. :)

January 9, 2012

My Dear Family and Friends AKA You!
Life in the Isle of Destiny (Innisfail) is going. We definitely see a lot of potential, but the work is moving a long slowly. The members are very nice and that is so cool that Aunt Becki is related to Brother and Sister Smith. They are a wonderful couple. I've met them and am actually having supper at their house on January 24th. Small world eh? Missionaries were living at their house until about May last year (then they moved to Sister Stanford's where I am now.) My last companion, Sister Jones actually lived with them for a little while when she served here. I'll have to make the connection with them the next time I see them.

I'm so glad I bought such warm coats, sweaters, and thermals. Ha ha ;) It has been so warm! This week it got up to +12 C (I don't know what that is in Fahrenheit... 58 I think.) I'm definitely not complaining though. It's nice to go finding just in a cardigan and no bulky coat.

As far as missionary work goes we're just plugging away. We have some Former Investigators, Referrals, and Part Member Families we're hoping to get things going with. I've enjoyed our lessons with less actives and Recent Converts. There are a lot of really sincere people here. Sister White and I have come up with some pretty legit Member lessons/ FHE activities. One is the testimony balloon. We have everyone in the family write down something they know to be true and then they put it in the balloon. We then ask, "What can you do to strengthen your testimony?" As they tell us things (like go to church, read scriptures, pray) We blow up the balloon. Then we ask, "What happens if we forget to do those things?" We then let air out of the balloon. The kids really like it and we testify that we must continually strengthen our testimonies as well as not letting things "pop" or "deflate" our testimonies. To end we play a game of "Don't let your testimony touch the floor". It has been a success.

Another really fun lesson we've done for Missionary Work is the egg lesson. We started by having everyone write down someone they could invite to meet with the missionaries. Then we had one person draw that person on a hard boiled egg. We then explained, "We all have friends we'd like to get into the church. Sometimes our friends have hard shells and they won't accept the gospel right away. What can we do to soften them up?" As they'd give ideas we'd start cracking the egg. Once the egg is cracked we say, "Perfect, you've softened your friend and now they are ready to meet with the missionaries." We'd then peel the hard shell off until we just had the hard boiled egg. "Once we've taught them all the lessons and taken their hard shell off your friend is ready for baptism." We'd then dip the egg in a bowl of water (explaining that someone holding the priesthood would baptize them of course ;) "Once they've been baptized by water they can be baptized by fire and then they are a member of the church." We'd light a match and put it in a bottle that represents the church. The egg that previously couldn't fit because of the hard shell and size is brought into "the church" without of problem. It is pretty sweet. Kids love it and it's pretty legit. We then invite them to do something to soften their friend's hard shell.

Well, the church is true. Continue to look for ways to help the missionaries out and do missionary work on your own. There is so much each of us can do to "Soften their shell."

I love you all!! Until next time!

Sister Leanna Thompson
Proverbs 25:25 (Hint hint) ;)

January 2, 2012

Dearest Family and Friends,
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! It`s 2012! I can`t believe it. It seems like just yesterday I was ringing in 2010. It`s crazy how quickly time flies. I also can`t believe that in 2 days I would have been in Canada for 3 months already. Most days it feels like I can`t keep up. Sometimes the days seem long, but the weeks are so short and then by the time you realize a week has past the month is over and a transfer is coming to a close. I love the fact that most missionaries and even members think I`ve been out longer than I have. Makes my self esteem feel good. :) Also, thanks for looking up that information about Innisfail for me Dad. Innisfail= "Isle of Destiny" eh? That's pretty sweet.
Because of the crazy schedule last week I didn`t get to write a lot about the previous week. I wanted to specifically write about the 26th. The day was definately hard. I got a transfer call first thing in the moring telling me I was transfering to the smallest and furthest Sister`s area in the mission. I was so sad. That coupled with the year anniversary of Mom`s death made that day very hard. I found myself mad for the first time in a long time. (I think I allowed myself to be mad about transfers so that I wouldn`t start crying about Mom). I decided to make a Cinnamon Twist for my Zone to keep my mind off everything.
I was excited to take my cinnamon twist to the Elders at the church. Once I got there, I set it on the stage and went to the kitchen to find a knife and some plates. Just as I was walking back into the gym the basketball landed exactly on the uncovered cinnamon twist. Serious? I'm surprised I didn't just start crying right then and there (that was a miracle in and of itself). The rest of the day continued, still down in the dumps. I tried to brighten up for our lesson that evening with our new investigator Jenny. We started teaching her the week of Christmas. She is a member referral and 16 years old. Super solid girl. Anyway, we were scheduled to teach her that night about the Plan of Salvation. As we started into the lesson it went really well, but I wasn't quite my happy self yet. Then as we talked about the Spirit World she asked, "When a loved one dies do you think they can be around you still and you can feel their presence?" Sister Jones sat back and looked at me, waiting for me to answer. "I believe that yes you can." The room got quiet for a moment and I could feel the Spirit feel my heart and the room. "It's no coincidence that we are teaching you the Plan of Salvation today." I paused. "A year ago, today actually, my Mother passed away from an unexpected brain anuerysm. Since her death I have felt her with me often. I have felt her next to me sometimes when I pray. I have felt her comforting me when I'm down or discouraged. I know our loved ones are still here and that they love us just as much as they did before. And most of all, I know we will see them again and that we can live with our families forever." The spirit was so strong. We testified of the Plan of Salvation and invited her to be baptized. She said yes! She is scheduled to be baptized on February 4th. I am so grateful I got the opportunity to testify of life after death exactly a year after my Mom passed away. Even though the day was hard and some days are still hard, I wouldn't have wanted to be any other place in the world than in that home in Beaumont, Alberta, Canada testifying that we will see our loved ones again and that families are forever!
That's why I'm serving a mission. This is Christ's Church once again established on the earth. We will see our loved ones again, of that I am certain. The Book of Mormon is true. We do have a prophet on the earth today, President Thomas S. Monson, who leads and guides us.
I have been pondering a lot about Alma 5:14 " ... Have ye received His image in your countenances? Have ye experienced this mighty change of hearts?" With the new year I think now is a very appropriate time to ask yourself, 'When others look at me do they see the Savior?' If not, change something now in your life so that you can have that mighty change of heart and become more like your Savior. Then, take your goals to our Heavenly Father in prayer and I know He will help you accomplish them.
I love you all to Innisfail and back (and believe me, that is a long way ;)
Love Eternally,
Sister Leanna Thompson

December 29, 2011

My Dearest Family and Friends,
What a week! Sorry I wasn't able to write home until today. The library was closed for Boxing Day and the day after and TRANSFERS were on Wednesday. That's right! I'm no longer in Beaumont. ;( Which is SO sad! We got a call on the 26th from President Campbell; Sister Jones to stay in Beaumont and Me to go to the land of my inheritance AKA Innisfail (where Sister Jones was born/trained and the furthest Sister's area in the entire mission). I am now about 2 1/2 Hours away from the mission office and in a very very small town. There are no other missionaries around and we only have District mtg twice a transfer. Also, the saddest and probably hardest part is we only get mail when the Zone leaders go into the office which is about 2 or so times a transfer :( So, heads up- if you send me a letter and it takes a while to write back, that is why. (Please still write anyway!) Us in Beaumont and the Innisfail sisters were the only sisters that transferred this transfer. :( Crazy!!! I'm going to miss Sister Jones so much. We worked so well together and people would comment on how they could tell we were really friends and not just companions.

Sister White (from SLC) is now my Follow-up Trainer and Sister Kuroki (from Japan) is with Sister Jones. I'm really excited to work with Sister White. We've gone on splits before and she is so great! I've enjoyed my time so far here in Innisfail. We live at a member's house (Sister Stanford) She is a widow and travels all the time. It's a really nice place. I've already met some of the people in the ward and it's been fun to get to know lots of people. I'm excited to work really hard with Sister White. We are going to hit the ground running and work our little tails off. Currently Innisfail doesn't have any investigators but that is about to change. Pray for us to have success. :)

Christmas day was a pretty great one. We took a present to a woman that works at the gas station we always go to because she had to work on Christmas. Plus, we had a random lady from India show up to our Sacrament Meeting which was great. We talked with her and she said that she wanted to see how people in Canada celebrate Jesus on Christmas so she saw our chapel and came in.

Sister Jones and I met with her on Tuesday. That was an adventure. Her and her husband belong to the Seek religion. I don't know a whole lot about it, but there are some pretty interesting ideas. They think every religion is right so it was hard to teach them about the Restoration. The word they used to describe the bus waiting for them, someone stopping to give them a ride or their prayers being answered was "Magic" They were wonderful people and very sad to hear that I was moving the next day. They want to learn more but said they aren't converting. They invited Sister Jones to come back whenever she wants. The funniest part of the whole lesson was when we said the closing prayer. Sister Jones invited the head of the household to give the closing prayer. The wife said she wanted to as well. We asked if we could kneel and they agreed. We all knelt down, folded our arms, and closed our eyes. I waited for Him to start. The room was completely silent. I opened one eye and peeked out at the scene around me. Both the husband and wife were sitting as still as possible and Sister Jones just sat there were her eyes closed. Oh no. I thought to myself. We forgot to ask them to say a prayer out loud. It took all the control I had to keep from laughing. Here I was in some random person's house from India, kneeling on their floor while they are praying around me. I immediately began a silent prayer pleading that I wouldn't start laughing. Every so often I'd open one eye and look at those around me. Still praying. I swear this was the longest silent prayer ever!!! Finally after what was probably 6 minutes of complete silence they finished their prayers. My prayer was definitely answered ;) I made it through without laughing once.

Well, my time is short because it's not Pday. I love you all. I will write more next time.

Sister Leanna Thompson

December 19, 2011

My Dearest Family:
It's official, I had my very first Baptism on Saturday. :) The week leading up to Geno and Tolga's baptism was a little stressful (cancelled appointments etc.) Friday night Geno and Tolga had their Baptismal interview with our District Leader Elder Graul. They both passed with flying colors. :) Elder Graul said he's never met such a solid 14 year old boy. Right now, Elder Graul, Elder Lane, and Elder Stanke are in a Tripanionship and so Elder Stanke and Elder Lane were there as well. Tolga loved meeting them and interacting with them. Tolga said that he wants to serve a a mission when he's older so having those Elders there was a great way to show them how missionaries are.
The Baptism happened Saturday at 11am. Sadly, Geno's wife, Sevim, couldn't get work off so she wasn't able to make it. But there were about 60+ people there!!!! :) It was so wonderful. Geno was baptized by Bishop Prince and Tolga by our ward mission leader, Brother Comfort. Some youth from the ward sang a primary song and the spirit was so strong. While everyone was changing Sister Westover and I got to give a presentation on the Restoration (which was wonderful!) After the Baptism I got to talk to Geno and Tolga for a little while. Geno said that his baptism felt like he was recieving a diploma in water. :) He also said, "Now my journey has just begun. This is just the beginning. I've got to endure to the end." He is such a sincere man and he just gets it. Sometimes Sister Jones and I comment that we could see Geno as a General Authority or something. :) The next day was their Confirmation. Tolga asked Elders Lane, Graul, and Stanke to participate in his confirmation. Tolga didn't have a white shirt (and they don't have money right now to get one). So, Elder Graul, Stanke, and Lane decided to get him a white shirt for his confirmation. Right before Sacrament meeting they took Tolga with them. I waited patiently for Tolga to come back in with his new white shirt. Let me paint the memory of what happened. The opening song started and I watched for them to come through the door. Then I saw Elder Lane walk up to the doorway and stand on one side and Elder Stanke on the other. They looked like the secret service waiting for the president of the United States to come through the doorway. Then Tolga appeared. He stopped just before he walked through the door and Elders Stanke and Lane motioned for him to go through the door. Tolga then walked in. He looked like a million bucks and he could not stop smiling. Elder Graul followed behind him and they all took their seats. I think that moment had to be one of the greatest memories I'm going to have. That meant so much to Tolga and I don't think he is ever going to forget how cool and nice those Elders were. It was great to welcome the newest members of the Beaumont ward, Cengiz "Geno" Kilic and Tolga Kilic. :)

For a Christmas present, Sister Jones and I decided to give the Kilic family their first Nativity. We are wrapping different parts of the Nativity separate and have decided to Doorbell Ditch them on their door. The hard part, we're in skirts and we can't separate as missionaries. Not getting caught was going to be a major issue. As we were scouting out our options we were parked on the street when who happened to pull up behind us? Geno and Tolga of course! We quickly slid down in our seats to not be seen. Then the next night as we were driving past their house Tolga was moving their truck. We weren't sure if he saw us or not, but we got a text from him the next morning thanking us for the gift. Ha ha oh well.
Well Christmas time is approaching fast. I have loved the season and the spirit of Christmas. It's great to be a missionary at this time.

 I love you all and until next Monday, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
Sister Leanna Thompson

December 12, 2011

Hello Hello Hello!!! (Or should I say, Ho Ho Ho!!!)
Christmas time is coming!! I am so excited. This past week we had our Mission Christmas Conference which got me SUPER excited for Christmas (13 Days until Christmas! I can't wait.). Christmas Conference was so wonderful. We had some instruction from the office staff and President Campbell. There was a picture slideshow, great food, and an absolutely wonderful "Talent Show" :) Plus, SANTA CAME!!!! :) We all got presents from our wards. I can't wait to open it. Sister Jones and I have set up our little christmas trees (pass along cards as ornaments), our stockings are hung by the chimney with care (we actually have a fireplace in our apartment so it looks pretty legit!) and our presents are under the tree. The only thing we are missing is the mistletoe.... but that would be against the white handbook. :) Some other Christmas activities we've enjoyed this week was Cookie making with all the Sisters in the Mission at the Mission Home, Sister Jones and I sang at the Relief Society Christmas "Meeting" and our ward had a Christmas Pyjama (spelled the canadian way) Party on Saturday. It was so fun. Santa came there too. I've been a very good Missionary so far this year. ;) The Beaumont ward is AMAZING!!!! I love these people more and more each time I see them. They are so great. Beaumont also has the biggest Primary in the Mission. 105 Active primary kids each Sunday! It's fun to be in sacrament meeting and have kids wave to you all the time as a missionary. It gives more meaning to "becoming like a little child."
During Service on Thursday at St. Joseph's Hospital, I convinced Elder Lane (in my Zone) to play and sing "Praise to the Man." He wrote an amazing rendition for Christmas Conference. After much persuasion I finally convinced him and he did it. All the people there loved it. Plus, we as missionaries loved the fact that we were at a Catholic Hospital singing about Joseph Smith. :) Pretty much Elder Lane taught 25+ people about the Restoration through song. It was perfect!!!
Speaking of the Restoration. Sister Jones and I were able to teach Leana (I mentioned her previously, she is from the Ukraine and is so great- she has the same name as me, except she spells it with one n). After we taught her the Restoration she asked how she could join the church. Can you say, best question anyone could ever ask a missionary?! :) She wants to learn more, but with her new baby, Christmas, etc. She said she couldn't get baptized until like February. I would love to still be here to teach her and see her get baptized. I'm hoping I don't get transferred. I love Beaumont! (Transfer calls are the day after Christmas).
There is a baby boy in our ward named Spencer Torrie and he is the same age as my Mission!!! Born September 14th this year. They are an awesome family. I'm pretty sure when he starts crawling I'll start training or something. :)
Geno and Tolga are getting Baptized this Saturday!!!! I am SO excited! They are progressing great. We taught them about Tithing this last week. We were a little nervous because Geno hasn't been able to find a steady job, but they accepted it. No questions asked. I made each of them 10 cookies and gave them to them at the beginning. We talked about Obedience and then I asked them, "Tolga, would you mind if I had one of those cookies I gave you?" He replied,"No, not at all. You can have more if you want." Then Sister Jones asked Geno if she could have one of his and he agreed as well. I then asked both of them, "Why were you willing to give us one of your cookies?" Geno replied, "You gave them to me, it would be selfish if I didn't share." Tolga responded,"You've always been nice to me, I wanted to be nice back." This was a perfect way to introduce Tithing. "Our Heavenly Father gives us everything we have, all he asks is for us to give 10% back...." I loved teaching them and seeing them testify to me of tithing. Next week I'll include pictures from their Baptism so you can put faces to the names. :)
So, you're all probably wondering how my eye is doing. It's doin Great!!! It's pretty much back to where it was before. By the end of the night it starts to get more tired than the other, but other than that it's wonderful. It happened on Nov. 29th so it's been about 2 weeks since. It's kind of funny, when it happened I thought of Matt and those quotes we used to say to each other all the time. Specifically, "You're not pretty unless it hurts!" Ha ha ha Good Times!!
Happy Birthday Laura on the 16th!!!! I hope you have a wonderful, fantastic day!!! And Happy Birthday to Brandon Davis on the 17th. I'm celebrating by having my investigators get baptized. :)

Well, I love you all so much! Give everyone at the Christmas party a hug and a kiss from me!!! Tell Cody I say Hi next time you see him. I love you all!!!!
Love Forever,
Sister Leanna Thompson