Monday, January 16, 2012

January 16, 2012

Hello My Loved Ones,

As you can see from the subject line, exercise is key to missionary work! While setting goals, Sister White and I decided to work out harder during our morning routine (Christmas and continued meals with members has taken a toll on us). So, we decided to get a handle on it now, before it ruins us ;). While setting that goal I said, "Endorphins make you happy. And happy people testify of the Gospel!" It's now our new motto!

MAIL!!!! I finally got mail for the first time in Innisfail. And boy did I hit the jackpot. 12 letters/cards!!! Thank you everyone! I appreciate it so much. Hopefully I can find time to write you all back now. ;) Expect mail soon.

I got the opportunity to go on exchanges this last week. I got to go to Beaumont!!! Wahoo! It was wonderful. I got to see a lot of members from that ward, but sadly Gino and Tolga weren't available. They were super sad, as was I. But the great thing- they got the priesthood! That makes me so happy! Also, while on exchanges (I was with Sister Kuroki) we got to teach a former investigator named Victor. This would be his first lesson with us sisters. We pulled up to his house and just as we got there a few people got out of a car and walked to his door. "Oh no! Jehovah Witnesses!" I said to Sister Kuroki. We parked on the street right by his house as we waited for our ward member Brother Sommerfeldt to come. They were invited inside while we waited confused as to what we should do. Brother Sommerfeldt came and we explained what just happened. Many thoughts were going through my mind, "What if Victor thinks that's us? What if Victor invited them to our discussion? Do we just go knock on the door while they are in there?" We talked for only a moment. Brother Sommerfeldt made a funny comment, "What if they are tapping into your phone and know when and where you are meeting with people for lessons?" Ha ha We decided just to go knock on the door like nothing had happened. So we did. One of them opened the door. As they did so we heard Victor say, "Well, thanks anyway. Have a good day." They looked at us... super awkward and left as Victor invited us to have a seat in his living room. Overall, the whole experience was pretty funny. The lesson with Victor went so great! I'm so glad I got to be a part of it. He is a very sincere man. They are meeting with him again next week.

Sister White and I had a fun experience while trying potentials this last week. We were walking back to our car after a "Wrong House" from the door we just tried when we saw a sign. "Innisfail Pizza. $2 for a slice and a drink." We decided to take a break and get a bite to eat. We went in and there was one guy working. We talked to him a little. His name is Gill, he's in his 20's, from India, and has been in Canada for 4 months. He works for his uncle. We explained who we were and what we were doing and gave him a pass along card. Then as we went to sit down he opened the cash register and gave us each our $2 back. "For you." He said. We were a little confused and explained that we wanted to pay for our pizza. He said, "You are the first people to really talk to me since I've been here. I don't have any friends and I would like to hear this message you have to share, but I work all the time. I can't meet with you yet, but maybe in about 20 days when I get my new job. Please take your money back. I insist." We thanked him and sat down to eat. We talked about what we should do. The honest thing to do was pay for our food right? So we thought that maybe we should leave our money on the counter for him. However, I was reminded of all the people from India and Pakistan that I tracted into. Each of them gave us something for coming into their home. One of them had told us that you treat your guest like a God especially when they give you something that they value. We had given Gill our testimonies and our friendship and he wanted to pay us back. We thought he might think it rude if we leave his "Gift" (the $2) behind. We decided to accept it and we felt good about it. We talked to him again as we went to leave and he said he would call as before Sunday. He also said, "Pick your favorite pizza and I will make it for you!" A couple days later Gill did call. We talked to him for a little bit and hope to meet with him soon. He really wants to make us a pizza, but we want to pay for it and we don't think he'll let us. He's very nice. I'll keep you posted when/ if anything happens.

It is finally the cold Canada I imagined. -23C (-15F) on Sunday. It is supposed to be a high of -23C this week and low of -32C (Not including the windchill.) Fleece lined tights and thermals are the greatest invention. I love it! I'm excited to really experience winter though. (My opinion may change in about a month though).

I've decided to include a quote in each of my emails (time permitting of course). This week's quote:

"Our Eternal Happiness will be in proportion to the way we devote ourselves to helping others."

-President George Albert Smith

I love you all so much! Continue to serve others. Put your trust in the Lord and share the Gospel with everyone around you!

Love Eternally,

Sister Leanna Thompson

P.S. The pictures are from when we did exchanges (Sisters White, Jones, Kuroki, and Me) and from my first mail delivery in Innisfail. :)

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