Monday, November 21, 2011

November 21, 2011

My Dearest Loved Ones,

I finally feel like a Canadian Missionary. It is COLD!!!! Last Saturdayit hit -22 C with the windchill it was around -32 C (Cold!!!!). I have been wearing my thermals under my tights, plus socks and some big boots I bought when I first arrived. My big coat from Landsend is my Best Friend (Thanks Devan and Becci!)
I'm sure everyone is excited to hear the update on our wonderful Investigator Geno. Well, we met with him last Friday and he brought his son. We taught them both and told his son, Toga, about the Restoration. It was wonderful! Toga was really excited to learn more and Geno was beaming to have his son there. He was a very proud dad. The next day we met with them both again and Geno quit drinking coffee!!!! :) So excited. We watched Finding Faith in Christ with them and then invited Toga to get baptized. He said Yes!!! Geno was so excited. We extended a baptismal date with them both for December 17th. They have been praying together and reading the Book of Mormon together. During lessons as we will be explaining a principle to Toga that Geno already learned he will testify to his son and teach his son about it. It's so great. Now they both have a support system at home. They also both came to church Sunday.
I made a fun connection with a ward member this week. It's a couple that served their mission in Las Vegas . They heard about the "Bird Man" in Allamo (uncle Ron) but never met him. Then Sister Portsmouth asked if I was related to any Thompsons in Spanish Fork other than my immediate family. I explained no, but asked their name. "Do you know a Chris Thompson?" "Yes!!!" "He is one of the missionaries that taught me when I got baptized. He confirmed me!" It was so cool to make the connection. She showed me a picture of him and sure enough, it's Chris Thompson. She's stayed in pretty good contact with him too so that was really neat. I have attached a picture from her baptism as well as us so you can see. :) It's definately a small world in the church, but as a missionary, my goal is to not make it so small ;)
Well, I love you all!! I hope all is going well with everyone. Thank you so much for your emails everyone! I love each of you so much and wish I had more time to email each of you. Expect Mail soon.

Love Eternally,
Sister Leanna Thompson

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