Monday, December 5, 2011

November 28, 2011

My Dearest Family and Friends,
Hello Everyone!!! How was Thanksgiving? I hope everyone enjoyed their Holiday. Thanksgiving day was just like any normal Thursday for me. We had District Meeting and as a District went to Red Robin for a Thanksgiving Feast. We did service at St. Joseph's Hospital as usual and did teaching as normal. It was a good day. Canadians think Americans are crazy with their Black Friday sales. Everyone was asking Sister Jones and I if we were sad we were missing out on that (not that we weren't with family for Thanksgiving).
Our progressing investigators, Geno and Tolga, are progressing quite well. :) We taught them on Saturday and Tolga asks some really sincere questions. Tolga's Birthday was Friday and we bought him a candy bar. He was pretty excited about it. Also, one night Tolga texted us and asked, "What's it called again when you get a sign from God?" "Revelation or an Answer to your prayer" We explained. "Oh okay, I think I got one." He then texted us a story that is as follows, "I've been praying before I sleep. So one time I was watching a movie on my computer and it was working fine, but suddenly the computer broke and down and it went black. It wouldn't turn on for 30 minutes or so. I had the thought that I could pray and it would be fixed, so I started praying (I asked to fix my problem) when I was done it felt really warm around my body and the computer miraculously turned on. It was kind of scary, but cool. I don't know it that's a revelation though. It could have been coincidence." You can imagine how excited Sister Jones and I were to read the experience he had. We explained that our Heavenly Father cares about even the little things we think are important in our lives (there are no coincidences) and that the warm feeling he had was the Holy Ghost. Tolga responded, "Wow, that's pretty cool. Thank you!" He sent us one last text as we said Good Night, "Ok, I'm gonna pray then go to sleep. Good night :)" Tolga is such a great kid. It's been great to see both Geno and Tolga's progress and hear about the Holy Ghost testifying in their lives. Geno has told us that every morning before he starts his car he prays and after he is done praying he doesn't feel alone anymore. He said that he can feel someone in the car with him and it's very comforting. It's so wonderful to be a witness to the Gospel changing lives. I love being a missionary!
Sister Jones and I have a goal to visit every family in the ward before Christmas and send a Christmas message with them. I really love this ward and each day it feels more and more like home. It's sad to think that as missionaries we are kind of nomads. Picking up and moving about every six weeks or so when we get a phone call saying to do so. I joke with Sister Jones that we are not only nomads, but hunters and gatherers. We "hunt" them and then "gather" them into wards. :) I love this work! I love getting the youth more involved in missionary work and seeing their testimonies strengthen as they witness lives change. I love being able to teach Gospel Principles after being asked to teach as you are walking into the classroom (this has happened about 3 times now. It's a good think Sister Jones and I teach well together and know how to teach by the Spirit.) I think the hardest part about being a missionary is not being able to hold babies or children. The Beaumont ward has some of the cutest babies and I just want to hold them so much. Dear friends and family, someone better have a baby right before I come home or right after so that I can just hold them for hours. That's all I ask ;) Please make it happen!
Well I love each of you so much! Continue to put your trust in the Lord and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths! Make the most of the Christmas Season.
I love you all!!!
Sister Leanna Thompson

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