Monday, November 14, 2011

November 7, 2011

Dear Loved Ones,

Hello from Canada !!! How is everyone doing? It was so good to hear from each of you at different times. This last week was an interesting one. Not quite as successful as the previous week, but we need to stay humble right?
So the Temperature has dropped. No snow yet (which is super surprising but I'm not complaining). It got to -9 C this week! Pretty cold. I think that's in the 20's. Either way it's cold (and just beginning). Also, yesterday was Daylight's savings. This is the one day in the mission that missionaries look forward to like Christmas (the one day you get to sleep in and it's okay.) Well, Sister Jones and I have been really excited for it and then Sunday came. We woke up at 6:30am got ready and were out the door and headed to our Ward Mission Leader's house at 9:20am for our meeting. Just as we were getting to his house we got a text from some Elders in our Zone, "Daylight's Savings! Enjoy your extra hour!" Turns out we were an hour early to our meeting! We totally missed out on our one opportunity to sleep in. Bummer!!! We had a good laugh about it.
We taught Geno three times again this week. :) He is progressing well. We are hoping to have him for sure decide on a date this week. Something cool is he might get to work on the tile in the entry of the Edmonton temple which they are renovating. He was really excited about that and said that the tile they are using is the nicest tile he has ever seen. My trainer went to a leadership training this week so on my one month mark in the mission field I got to spend it with Sister West and Sister Westover who were in the MTC with me. It was so much fun. We also saw a miracle. Sister Westover and her companion had street contacted this lady at a Bus stop named Sophia. They had gotten her number and she was super interested. Well, when they went to call her they couldn't find her number anywhere. They were so discouraged and prayed for a miracle. Well when Sister Westover, West and I were street contacting we ran into Sophia again! It was AMAZING!!! We got her number again and talked more. She is super interested and the sisters will be meeting with her this week. It's great to see God's hand in our lives.
Sister Jones and I also made contact with a woman named Cindy Blake. She was baptized when she was 18 but fell away from the church. She isn't married, but has 2 kids and has recently moved to Beaumont . She googled the church and we got in contact with her via her phone number. We went and stopped by and it was a great experience to talk to her. She has had a lot of struggles that have humbled her and she realized the church brought her peace. We are helping her come back to church and it's great to see her desire.
So a funny story, Sister Jones and I's dinner appointment Saturday never got back to us so we were left on our own. We decided to go to the food court and eat at the mall. We walked up to the automatic door and it didn't open. I was so confused by this. Then we noticed that there were no cars in the parking lot. Turns out the Mall closes at 6pm on Saturdays. What the junk?! What's up with that? So we went to Taco Bell and ordered food. When I went to pay the guy said, "Only Cash or Debit." We didn't have either so we had to leave there. We stopped by Wendy's and it seemed that everyone who only had credit and couldn't eat at Taco Bell was at Wendy's/ The line was so long and we had to get to an appointment. We left unsuccessful. I remember coming out of Wendy's and turning to Sister Jones and saying, "I just want to eat!!!!" However, we went to Denny's after our appointment and it turned out to be a blessing (I love French Toast!).
Our Relief Society Lesson this Sunday was wonderful. The topic was "Love thy neighbour (spelled the Canadian way) as thyself." As we discussed how to love our neighbours the teacher finally said, "Do you love yourself as you would your neighbour?" It was such a thought provoking question. Often we are so caught up in serving others and being kind to others, are we ever kind to ourselves?
I would like to pose a question, Why do we do Missionary Work? Read Alma 29:9-10. My favorite part is in verse 10 where it says, "...then do I remember what the Lord has done for me." We do missionary work to remember how blessed we are. That is why I'm out serving right now. I realized that the Gospel has blessed my life so much and I wanted to share it with others so that they can know. As I share my testimony about the Gospel I am continually reminded about what the Lord has done for me. So, I encourage everyone reading this to write down at least 5 things the Lord has done for you or how the Gospel has blessed your life and then share at least one point with someone else this week (preferably not of our faith). Then let me know about it.
I love you all so much! God be with you 'til we meet again. The Church is True!!!
Sister Leanna Thompson

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