Monday, October 17, 2011

October 16, 2011

Dear Family (or as the say in Canada ; Dear Family)

Saturday (Mom's Birthday) was a good day. I cried a lot, but felt her love and support. I did get to write a letter and put it in a balloon for her.
I'm so grateful I have the knowledge that I will see Mom again and that we are a forever family! I love you all so much!!!
So a funny story from this week. Sister Jones and I were doing personal study in our apartment. We could hear someone unlocking the door, but it sounded like it was coming from the apartment across the hall. Then, suddenly our front door opens and in walks a woman about 40 or so carrying a bunch of stuff. We were surprised and went over to talk to her. She apologized and said, "Sorry, wrong floor. I'm the building manager, nice to meet you!" We talked a little and then she said, "You know there is a family downstairs that are Mormons like you. Their mother isn't, but their family is so great and have a lot of integrity. You should convert their mother to your church." It's not everyday that a non-member walks into your apartment and gives you a referral :). Got to love the Edmonton Canada Mission.
Every time we go tracting someone always invites us in. Sister Jones says it's super weird and I must have a magic touch or something. I guess that's not a normal thing :). I like to think that the spirit is just prompting me to say the right thing to get them to invite us in. Sister Jones says that if she could describe me in one word it would be Fearless. I LOVE tracting and knocking on people's doors and I'm never nervous to start talking to someone about the church. She said that another way to describe me would be converted, because I know what I'm teaching and I'm not afraid to share it with everyone. That definitely made me feel good. Edmonton is also very cultured. 90% of everyone that has invited us in has been Hindu, from India or Muslim.
Speaking of Muslim. We are teaching a family that is Muslim now :). They're from Turkey and they all came to church yesterday. Our 2nd Sunday in the ward and we already had three investigators there :). We were teaching the Father one evening and we were teaching him about the Restoration. Sister Jones recited the First Vision to him. We've been "trained" to recite it from memory and pause for a least 5 seconds to allow the Spirit to testify after we say, "This is my Beloved Son, Hear Him!" Well Sister Jones had paused for maybe only 2 seconds and he asked with excitement and curiosity, "And then what happened?!?!?" He is so great to teach! As we were teaching him this last week I invited him to be baptized. He said, "I want to learn more before I do, but once I know more then of course Yes!" We're excited to continue to help this family come unto Christ. We also gave him a tour of the church Friday night so he's be more comfortable when he came on Sunday. He was also very excited to hear that we have a living prophet on the earth today.
We had training with my Mission President and I really loved what he said in regards to our wards and the members we are serving with. (Note: President is a very quite, polite man). "You Love the Crap out of your ward!" Gotta love it!!!!

I love you all!
Until next week,
Love, Sister Leanna Thompson

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