Monday, February 18, 2013

February 18, 2013

Happy Family Day Everyone!
My last transfer call came today and my new companion is..... Sister Bunker! :) I'm really excited. It will be fun to work with her. We lived next door to each other when I was in Millwoods and so I already know her really well. She's awesome! So, this is the start of my last transfer. It's really weird to think that I'm one of the "Senior Sisters" in the mission now. Crazy!
Well, my last week with Sister Randall was fantastic. First off, Tuesday was the 43rd day of the year!!! Loved it!!! Wednesday we Heartattacked the Nickles in our Branch. While they were all at the church for Mutual and meetings we got into their house (don't worry we have free access) and left hearts everywhere. It was lots of fun.Thursday was Valentine's Day. We had District Meeting (always fun) and some members surprised us with a couple huge heart shaped cupcakes. YUM!!! They also had a really cool Scripture to go along with it that was as follows:
"For God so loVed the World
That he gAve
His onLy begotten Son
That whosoEver shall believe
iN Him shall
perIsh, but have
lifE." -John 3:16
Friday was a good day too. Our Branch had a Valentine's Bash. We were invited to help with the food. They had a lot of fun activities and a Dance. It was fun to be there with everyone. I really feel like I'm at home here in this branch. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. I love it and am sad that I can't serve here longer. Saturday was an amazing day! In the morning we met with our Investigator Travis. (He's 18). We planned to teach him the Word of Wisdom and the Stop Smoking program. Well, He shows up to the church with a coffee. How ironic hey? While waiting for our other members to show he ran outside to have a quick smoke. Again, super ironic. After finishing his cigarette he came back in and asked if he could turn on some music while we waited. We explained that as missionaries we don't listen to non-church music. He then began to tell us that his favorite song is "Smoke a little smoke. Drink a little drink." Sister Randall and I had to contain our laughter. Again, super ironic. As we started and began to explain what the Word of Wisdom was Travis said, "Oh this is kind of funny isn't it? Considering that I brought a coffee, smoked right before walking in, and told you about that song." We all chuckled. As we continued discussing the Word of Wisdom with him he explained that he's never really had a reason to quit and that he doesn't really see that he has much of a future. We then read the blessing listed in the pamphlet, "As you keep the Word of Wisdom, the delicate, sensitive, spiritual part of your nature will be prepared to receive guidance from God. Learn to listen to spiritual promptings and feelings. You will be warned of dangers and will be guided by the Holy Ghost. Your Wisdom and knowledge will increase. You will have greater peace of mind, increased self-control and a confident attitude toward life and the future." How cool was that? It said it right there. That took him off guard. It was EXACTLY what he needed to hear. We talked also about all the money he'd be saving by quiting. He explained that he thinks he probably spent close to $17,000 on cigarettes since he started smoking. $17,000!!!!That's crazy! We then went through the Stop Smoking program. As we were reading through the steps Travis randomly stood up and said, "One second, I'll be back. I have to do something." The rest of us looked at each other, a little confused as we waited. Next thing we know Travis walked back in and handed Brother Orr two packs of cigarettes, "Here, I need to do this." Joy overwhelmed me. I had to keep myself from crying with happiness. Not 30 seconds had gone by when Travis then said, "Wait, can I have them back. I need to do one more thing." Brother Orr gave him them back and Travis proceeded to crush them in his hands to break them in half. As he got to the second pack to crush them, to his surprise his debt card fell out. He had been looking for it for days. "Promised blessing fulfilled. We told you you'd save money by quiting smoking." :) Travis was elated. We were all so excited for him. Brother Orr then took his cigarettes and coffee and threw them in the dumbster. We gave him his needed supplies (grapefruit juice, cinnamon mouthwash, and a new toothbrush- courtesy of the travel toothbrush I got for Christmas ;) Thanks Lin! You're helping my investigator quit smoking.) Travis and everyone in the room all signed his certificate signifying that he is now officially a non-smoker. And then we took a picture which I've attached. It was amazing! The Spirit in that lesson was awesome. As we left that appointment I thought to myself, "Now, this is why I'm on a mission. To help people change their lives." What a great feeling that was!
 Sunday we had an unexpected surprise/ blessing. When we moved into our new apartment an older Sister in the ward, Sister Bondy, was moving into a Lodge and needed to downsize. She gave us most of her furniture and kitchen supplies. She left her vacuum and mop with a lady in her old building for us to pick up later. We decided to stop by and get it from her. She was super nice, invited us in and we chatted for at least a half hour. We brought up the Gospel, why we were serving as missionaries, what our church services were like, the Book of Mormon, etc. She was interested in learning more and after leaving her with a prayer we set up a time to come see her on Tuesday. New investigator! Woot! Woot! Her name is Doreen and she is super nice. It's interesting how the Lord puts us exactly where he wants us. Sometimes it takes borrowing a vacuum to a neighbor to share the Good News. :)
Well, I love you all! Until next week,
Sister Thompson

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