Monday, January 28, 2013

January 28, 2013

Dear World,

Life in Drayton Valley is great! Every day is a new day and an eventful day that's for sure. Hmmm... I never know where to start. Let's start with last Monday. We had Family Home Evening with the Boehme family. They are a young family and they are so cute. Spending Monday Night with them made me super excited to have Family Home Evenings with my future family. The Family unit really is ordained of God. Dear Family- I LOVE YOU!!!

So last week I informed you about falling on the ice- well, it happened once again. This time a lot harder. To save on klicks (as missionaries we can only drive so many kilometers a month) we decided to walk one day. While walking by 7 Eleven we noticed a lady walking close by, my thought "Let's go talk to her." As we got closer, we heard her say to herself, 'Wow, it's pretty icy here.' Just then I totally ate it! I went down pretty hard. Boy did it hurt my leg and my pride. Since we were walking I had to walk the rest of the way home on a hurt ankle. I pushed myself though. I kept telling myself, "'The Pioneers walked hundreds of miles, the least I can do is 4 or 5 blocks.' I couldn't wait to get home and put some ice on it, then it occurred to me that we don't have a freezer which meant no ice. Sister Randall was unaware of this conversation I was having with myself in my head. Needless to say she got a pretty good laugh when suddenly I blurted out, "We have no ice!" Don't worry though, my ankle/ foot/ leg is doing a lot better today. We iced it the Canadian way. All you need is a Ziploc bag, some snow, and a scarf. Gotta love it! See attached picture ;) (I was trying to look really sad that I had fallen).

This week we stopped by a less active lady in the Branch. She wasn't home so we decided to shovel her porch/ steps/ sidewalk on our way out. The next day we stopped by again to see if she was home. She was outside and invited us in. We had a wonderful visit. She told us that she had just woken up from a nap when we knocked and didn't get to the door until we were just finishing and walking away. She was very grateful that we did that. I'm glad that we could take those little moments to serve. I invite everyone to take some time to slow down and look for random opportunities to serve those around you. It's a blessing for sure!

I am officially a missionary! I got bit by a dog on Tuesday. ;) We stopped by a lady in our Branch's house. She had a HUGE dog (can't remember the breed). Anyway her dog is super protective and so Sister Hutton comes to the gate to let us in and out so that her dog doesn't get us. Well, we followed Sister Hutton to the door single file, me at the caboose. Just as we got to the porch steps the dog bit me right in the rear and pulled at my skirt and jacket. That was more of a shock than anything. No worries, I came out alive and now have a story to tell. ;)

On Saturday our Relief Society had an activity about being Ambassadors for the Church. I loved it. It gave some great ideas on how we can do missionary work without being overbearing. I loved the following quote shared by Elder Ballard, "This isn't 1830... and there aren't just six of us anymore." This is so true!!!! Love it!!!!

Sunday we were able to be a part of a really neat experience. Cameron Nickle (a young man in our ward that just turned 12 years old. His Grandparents are in charge of our Housing as missionaries) received the Aaronic Priesthood. It was really cool to see his father, grandfather, and two uncles surround him and give him the Priesthood. I actually got emotional the spirit was so strong. It reminded me of this Mormon Message about the Power of God. I can't remember if I've attached it or not, but either way it's awesome!!!! :) Watch it:

Here is a scripture chain you can all check out. I love it and found it during one of my recent personal studies. :)
Alma 57:27 Why were their minds firm? Because they obeyed with exactness (Alma 57:21) Footnote for Firm= Jacob 3:2 Here we are told that we may feast upon His love if we are firm. So, how do we feast on His love? John 15:10 We keep the commandments which means we obey with exactness! :) Pretty cool hey? I loved it!

Well, my time has come to an end for the week. I love you all!!! Do something for someone else this week, pray harder, and share your testimony with someone new.

Love Always,
Sister Thompson

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