Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September 4, 2012

My Dear Loved Ones,
This week is the start of a new transfer and SISTER ROBERTS AND I ARE STAYING TOGETHER!!!! I'm so excited!!! 6 More Weeks! This transfer is going to be a good one. Sister Roberts and I have set a lot of goals to stretch ourselves (when you serve with someone for more than 2 transfers it is easy to get comfortable). I'm excited for all that this transfer will bring. Two baptisms :), Canadian Thanksgiving at the beginning of October, and another great transfer working together. I love serving with Sister Roberts. We teach really well together which makes everything a lot better.
So some highlights from this past week. First off, being a missionary is a ton of fun! You get really close to the other missionaries and become a family. My last district was amazing!!! We got super tight and decided to make "District Hoodies" to remember our time together. A lady in the Beaumont ward has an embroidery machine and we designed what we wanted. Our logo says "Tri-City Hoods" (Because we are Mill"hoods" Knott "Hood" and Garneau lives in the Hood). It looks pretty sweet. We have a girl from our Ward, Sam, who is printing something for us to put on the back. So the back with have something on it in a couple weeks. :) They turned out super cool. I have attached some pictures for you to see.
I also have a really really funny story from this last week. So, last Monday was no ordinary Monday. President Campbell would be picking a new Assistant from the Zone Leaders. Our Zone Leaders, Elders Fitzgerald and Jules who were in our district, we're not too excited. That's a lot of added responsibility. Well, while playing Basketball the Southwood Elders accidentally took the Zone Leaders cell phone instead of their own. Sister Roberts and I were asked by the Zone Leaders to get their phone back from Southwood (since they didn't have a phone to call Southwood themselves). We met up with Southwood at the church just before a lesson and waited their for a few minutes after for the Zone Leaders to come and get it. Well, while waiting I thought of a great idea. "Switch our name in their phone to President Campbell and then we'll call their phone a couple times so that when they get their phone back it says they have 2 missed calls from President." ha ha so we did just that. When the Elders came to get their phone I handed it to Elder Fitzgerald. As he looked at the missed calls the color in his face drained. "Who are your missed calls from?" "Umm... one from a ward member, one from the Sturgeon Elders, and two from someone high up in stewardship... We gotta go!" Elder Jules and Fitzgerald were so worried. As Sister Roberts and I started to pull out of the parking lot, Sister Roberts grabbed our phone to call them so that they wouldn't call the "Real President Campbell". "Hello, this is Elder Fitzgerald and Elder Jules." In the deepest, manliest voice she could muster Sister Roberts replied, "Hello Elders!" It wasn't convincing. We broke out in laughter. At that moment we had just pulled out of the parking lot and started driving past the church. Elder Jules was out of their car jumping up and down yelling, "Sisters!!! Oh my gosh Sisters!!! I hate you!" Ha ha ha we pulled back into the parking lot. Both of them were out of the car, their adrenaline up. We got them so good! They highfived us. That was the best prank ever!!! So good!!! Well, it got better. 10:05pm, Sister Roberts and I are getting ready for bed and our phone rang. I looked at it, "President Campbell is calling..." At first we were confused. How could the Elders pull this prank on us? The next thought I had was, 'Are we the new Assistants?' ha ha ha I answered the phone. "Hello this is Sister Thompson." "Hi, Sister Thompson. This is President Campbell. I'm sorry, I have called the wrong number." After we hung up we had a very good idea who the new Assistant was. We figured that President Campbell meant to call the Millwoods Zone Leaders (who are serving in Knottwood), but instead called the Millwoods YSA. We found out the next day that, that was the case. Elder Fitzgerald is the new Assistant to the President. They really did get a call from President. :) Good Times!!!
Our Investigator Raj is progressing so well! He is really excited about getting baptized September 29th. He is worried that his family might disown him because they aren't Christian. He knows it is true though, and has such a strong testimony. It has been such a blessing to start working with him. He is really funny and already we've had some great lessons with him. He came to church Sunday for the 4th time in a row. :) After church, Sister Roberts and I stopped by some less actives in our ward. Their new roommate answered, Tyler, and we ended up having an hour long QGC with him. (QGC = Quality Gospel Conversation). He said he would love to learn more. He is super nice. I can't wait to meet with him this week.
Well, I don't have any more time, but since it is the start of a new transfer I wanted to share this great quote about goal setting and becoming better.
"If you are not in the process of becoming the person you want to be, you are automatically engaged in becoming the person you don't want to be."
-Dale Carnegie
Each of us has the potential of becoming like our Heavenly Father. If we aren't actively working towards that then we are only digressing. Make it a priority to become more and reach your potential. With the Lord, nothing is impossible!!!
Love you all!!!
 Sister Roberts, Elder Jules, Elder Pieper, Sister Thompson and Elder Gold!
Tri City Hoods! Elder Jules, Sister Roberts, Sister Thompson, and Elder Fitzgerald.
Sister Thompson

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