Monday, September 10, 2012

September 10, 2012

Dearest Loves,
Another fun filled week of being a missionary. Every week, every potential investigator, less active coming back to church, progressing investigator with a baptismal date, district meeting, preparation day, etc. reminds me why I love being a missionary. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!! Seriously! This is awesome! Highlights from the week are as follows;
Chris Keene got the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday!!! He is so excited. He can't wait to pass the sacrament next week and he thinks it's pretty neat that he can baptize now. He is just embracing the Gospel more and more. They are hoping to get him a calling next week. That will be really exciting for him. He loves going to Firesides, YSA Dances, FHE, and he has signed up for two Institute classes; Book of Mormon and Prep for Celestial Marriage. :) I cannot wait for him and Jen to be sealed next year and for Chris to receive his own Endowment. I plan on going for sure!! He is so excited to go do Baptism for the Dead on Saturday, September 29th. It's really great to see someone continually accept and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He continues to comment on how happy he is and that in his life before the church he never was truly happy. :)
Our Investigator Raj is progressing really really well too. He has come to church for the 5th or 6th time in a row now and is getting baptized September 29th. :) He loves the Gospel and is very accepting of everything. However, he has some family opposition. His family is from India and he has a Sikh (pronounced seek) background. He mentioned to some of his cousins that he was meeting with missionaries and they have been texting him "information about the Mormons" that they found online. They are constantly questioning him, but he is so strong. He doesn't really care because he knows it's true. He plans on telling his parents today. We've been praying that they will be okay with his decision. He really loves the Gospel. One of the best things I've ever had an investigator say was said during our lesson Friday night. We were teaching about Obedience and Tithing and I asked Raj to turn to 1 Nephi 17:3. As he turned to it he commented, "Oh! I even have it highlighted." That comment made me so happy :) Raj is literally in love with the scriptures and can't get enough of them. He reads them twice a day. :)
Both Chris and Raj came to the CES Fireside last night, by Elder Holland. It was amazing!!! I'm so glad I got to attend. They both loved it (it was their first one). Elder Holland was a powerful speaker! My Favorite part however was when they announced who was accompanying the choir. Katie Koeven!!!! That was super exciting to hear. Did I hear that right? Katie, were you the one playing the piano? (For those who don't know, Katie is my amazing cousin on my dad's side). Well, if I wasn't mistaken, and that was in fact Katie, it was awesome to be a missionary at the Bonnie Doon Stake Center, in Edmonton Canada and hear my cousin's name. Great surprise! :) One of my favorite one liners from Elder Holland's talk was " Never Check your religion at the door!!" I could feel the power and fire come from his booming voice as he said that. It was powerful! So, I express my thoughts on this. Do not ever check your religion in at the door!!! Be a witness at all time! Always live your religion!
Other events from this week, we have what is called "Waffle Wednesday" every Wednesday at 10:30 am at the Institute building. Us Missionaries make waffles for institute students to bring their non-member friends to. It's pretty cool. Also, this weekend we got permission to go to our recent convert's (Kris Schneider) wedding. Him and Jessica (a member) were married at the Whyte Ave Chapel. It was neat to go to. Kris looked sharp and Jessica was beaming, but it was sad. I felt so sorry for them when Bishop White said, "This union will last for the period of your mortal lives." How sad is that?! It made me desire to get married in the temple even more than I wanted to before. Kris and Jessica plan on being sealed in a year, so that will be very exciting.
Well, I don't have very much time to write. But I do want everyone reading this to know that I love you!!! The church is true! The Gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives. The Atonement is real and if you allow it to, it will cover every grief, pain, sin, heartache, and weakness you have. Alma 7:11-13
I love you all!!!
Love, Sister Thompson

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