Monday, September 17, 2012

September 17, 2012

People I love,
I have officially been a missionary for a whole year now!!!! It's so weird. I feel like I have grown so much and changed for the better. Like I mentioned last week, I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!! This last year of my life has definitely been the best year for my life so far! I love serving! I don't know if my family will agree with this, but I feel that this last year has gone by SO FAST!! Seriously! I can't believe it!!! I was talking to President Campbell today on the phone and he brought up how he couldn't believe that it's already been a year. He said, "It feels like just yesterday cute little Sister Thompson got off the plane. Full of Missionary fire." Here we are, a year later. Crazy!!! So, to celebrate being a missionary for a year Sister Roberts and I "Melted" Panty Hose. Fact, when set on fire panty hose doesn't burn but melts. So, need less to say it was slightly less epic than we were hoping, but still exciting!!!
Highlights from this week: Raj talked to his parents finally about meeting with missionaries and his decision to get baptized. He was very surprised that it turned out better than he expected. He had an overnight bag packed just in case they kicked him out, but they didn't. His sister showed him a lot of support and his parents said they would have to think about how exactly they felt about it all, but they were loving. Also, his cousin that was sending him Anti stuff stopped and has actually started supporting him and said he thinks he is doing a great thing and wants to attend his baptism. This is huge progress!!! Raj is progressing great!!! It has been a pleasure to teach him.
We were invited by someone in the Southwood Ward to volunteer at a Community League event. As part of our volunteer duties they wanted us to participate and "Advertise" the activities. So, we ate roasted corn, popcorn, cotton candy, got balloon animal hats, played with a parachute and interacted with a ton of people. It was tons of fun! Best service ever!!! :)
The most random thing happened yesterday. We were at Jen's house for dinner and right in the middle of teaching her and Chris, Jen's Stepdad runs in and says, "I think you guys will want to see this" We ran to the window to find a Hot air balloon too close to the house. We ran outside. Turns out they were doing an emergency landing right in front of our house. It was super random. We of course took tons of pictures. :) I hope you enjoy them.
Well, sadly, I don't have anymore time. Know that I love you all and hope this week is fantastic!!!
 This is how close it landed to the house. Jen's house is on the left. Crazy!!!
 Sister Thompson with the random hot air balloon
Sister Thompson and Sister Roberts with CHOO CHOO the Clown
Sister Thompson

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