Monday, June 25, 2012

June 25, 2012

Dearest Lovely People,
Missionaries love mail! I've hit my half way point and the mail has shown that. Write Away!
A clock showing the time and how light it was outside. The longest day of the year happened and it was super light outside when we went to bed and super light outside when we woke up. Gotta love Canada!
This week went by kind of quick. I don't have much time to share, but I will try and mention some highlights. Sister Roberts and I did A LOT of Finding this week. Everyday we spent at least an hour or so. We were able to talk to a lot people and find some potentials for the Elders. That's one hard thing about YSA, when you tract you usually don't find people for yourself, but for other missionaries. I did however feel glad that I could help find other missionaries people to teach. This isn't about who gets to teach who, but about the fact that God's children are being found, seeds are planted, and people are listening to our message. I have this "problem" with being positive all the time. okay, so it's not a problem, but sometimes my companions make comments about how I'm positive in every situation. For example, we met with a less active guy this week who doesn't want to come back to church. During the lesson we weren't able to make much progress, but afterward I said, "Isn't he great!? I'm glad we were able to meet him." Sister Roberts looked at me like I was crazy. Tuesday night as we retired to our bed (I felt like we had had a pretty successful finding day). Sister Roberts mentioned how she was bummed that we weren't able to have more lessons and that a couple of our lessons fell through. I looked at her and said, "If we would have met with those people we wouldn't have met Cheryl, Mandy, Kerry, or Mike." I know that being optimistic is a blessing from my Heavenly Father.
We were able to meet up with a potential at a place called Twisted Yogurt. Her name is Jackie. She is a member referral from her sister who lives in Grande Praire. She is amazing! We had a great meeting and she is sincere about learning more. She was supposed to come to church, but something came up and she wasn't able to make it. We also tried the houses of some less actives in the ward that no one knows. We tried 4 houses, of the four, three people answered but told us that the people we were looking for didn't live there anymore. Two of the three said we could come back and teach them. God works in mysterious ways. :) While street contacting a guy that was in his front yard I asked, "Do you have a religious background?" He replied, "Yes, I'm Agnostic." With out skipping a beat I said, "That's great!" As the words came out of my mouth (too late to draw them back in) I realized that saying "That's Great" to someone who is agnostic is not the correct response. Good thing I have a companion who has my back and naturally changed the subject. Gotta love being a missionary.
Well, I love you so much! Hope to hear from you all very soon. (Sorry I don't have more time)
Love always,
Sister Thompson

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