Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11, 2012

Dearest Family and Friends,
Transfer calls were this morning. I have only served with Sister Atkinson for one transfer, but have been in Innisfail for 6 Months already (crazy how quickly time flies by). I was uncertain what would happen, but I kept having the feeling that I was leaving. And leaving I am. I will be back to Edmonton serving in the Millwoods YSA (aka the Single's Ward that covers Beaumont!) I'm so sad to leave Innisfail and Sister Atkinson. I wish I could serve with her longer, but I am excited to serve with my new companion Sister Roberts (Sister Atkinson's MTC Companion). She is from Las Vegas (Summerland area if you're familiar with Vegas). Last week I actually got the opportunity to do Exchanges with her here in Innisfail and we got a long great! She is so wonderful. However, it is so sad to leave Innisfail. I feel like Innisfail is home. The Ward here is the BEST and I feel like I grew up in this ward. I am also going to miss all the wonderful people that are here. It will be different serving in YSA too. Wish me luck! I'm used to teaching kids and families so this will be a new experience.
Sister Thompson and Sister Roberts, new companion, on our exchange. Also, I made the skirt I'm wearing in this picture. Super cute!!!
This past week was super random and our routine was a little thrown off. We found out at the beginning of the week that we had to move. Sister Stanford's (who we lived with) daughter and her family (who live in the ward) sold their house quicker than they could find a new one so they needed a place to live. Since they have teenage boys we couldn't live with them. So we packed up and moved out Saturday. We are temporarily living in our Bishop's house in town that they are trying to sell. So, before we had a fully furnished house to ourselves (since Sister Stanford was gone for the summer). And now we have a completely empty house to ourselves. It's so nice of Bishop to let us stay here. This ward definitely takes care of their members. Last night we had supper at the Ellis' and they gave us some pots, pans, etc. And the Kinder's in the ward gave us dishes. I really love this ward.
We also got our investigator Avery (9) on date to get baptized. June 30th! So excited. It's actually kind of funny how it all finally happened. We have been trying for some time now to get her on date. It's was kind of a touchy situation since Avery's dad isn't a member. Well, as we were finishing talking with Avery in their kitchen/ dining room Sister Atkinson turned to Sister Sorenson (Avery's Mom) and said, "I'm going to be bold." I was a little surprised and wondered how Sister Sorenson would respond (thinking Sister Atkinson was asking her about a date for Avery to get baptized.) Sister Sorenson's face was priceless. She looked a little nervous, "Yes?" Sister Atkinson then asked,"Can I have a cookie?" The look of relief across Sister Sorenson's face was priceless. "Yes, you can have a cookie. I thought you were going to ask if Avery could get baptized this Saturday and I was nervous, because there is no way I get all the family here by then." We all got a big laugh and then I said, "Well, since we're talking about it, have you thought of a date yet?" It came up very casual and Siser Sorenson felt a lot more comfortable with us and she set the date of June 30th when her husband is off work. I'm so excited for Avery to finally get baptized.
President Campbell surprised us this week by showing up to our District Meeting. Our District Leader, Elder Penrod said that President Campbell would be coming, but none of us believed him (Elder Penrod is a big tease and sometimes it's hard to take him seriously.) Well, just as we were taking District Pictures President Campbell walked in the door. Surprise!!! It was good to see him.
My District; Elder Bodine, Elder Lee, Elder Severe, Elder Penrod (lying on the table), Sister Thompson and Sister Atkinson.
We went to meet with a less active lady in the ward named Becky. As we got there she asked us to help her sew on letters onto some of her son's lacrose team jerseys. That was a lot of fun. I'm always grateful when people give us a way to serve. Dear Family and Friends: If the missionaries or your home or visiting teachers ever ask, "Is there anything we can do for you?" GIVE THEM SOMETIME TO DO! It's so great to allow people to serve you. Plus, as you allow people to serve it give you an opportuniy to love each other more. Even if there isn't something for them to do physically ask them to pray specifically for something you or your family needs. Believe me, it's amazing!!!
Sister Atkinson and Sister Thompson helping with the Innisfail Food Drive
I wanted to end with a quote that we included in our Missionary Corner in the Sacrament Program on Sunday.
"Remember, brothers and sisters, we're not marketing a product. We're not selling anything. We're not trying to impress anyone with our numbers or our growth. We are members of the restored Church of Jesus Christ, empowered and sent forth by the Lord Himself to find, noruish, and bring safely into His church those who are seeking to know the truth."
-Elder M. Russell Ballard
I hope that quote is a call to action for you. Help the Lord find those who are seeking the truth. They are out there. They are just waiting for us to open our mouths and tell them. Share the Gospel, it's true!!!
I love you all! The is the Best 18 years of my life!
Love always,
Sister Thompson

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