Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February 21, 2012

Dear Lovely People,
I'm sure you're all wondering 'Why didn't our Favorite Canadian Missionary write yesterday?' Well, as you all were celebrating President's Day in the States, here in Alberta we were celebrating Family Day! :) So, the library was closed. I think it's awesome that they have a day to celebrate families. :) Hmmm.... I think I'm going to hold you all in suspense and wait until the end to tell you about Indya's Baptism. So, Valentine's day (aka Missionay 'Lock Your Heart' Day). Our supper appointment cancelled due to sick kids so Sister White and I were left to ourselves to come up with something to eat. We thought, 'Hey, it's Valentine's Day. Let's go out to eat.' So we went to one of the only resturaunts in town, The Red Ox. Oh boy, did we stick out like a sore thumb or what?! We were the youngest and only non-couple there! Ha ha it makes for a good memory. I swear everyone there was between 50 and 70yrs old. As people left they gave them a Valentine, but sadly Sister White and I were never given one. ;P Oh well!
Our Mission is having a Mission Wide Fast with all the Stakes/ Wards in the Mission. It started Monday at 6pm and is going until tonight at 6pm. We are fasting that the hearts and minds of those we come in contact with will be open to the message of the Gospel, that members will find opportunities to share the gospel with those they come in contact with, and that as we teach we will teach with power and by the Holy Ghost. I've seen how fasting and prayer can bring miracles so I'm really excited for this fast. Sunday night we had an adult fireside at the Stake center. It was on Eternal Marriage, so of course Sister White and I had to be there! ;) Brother Brinley (who used to be a professor at BYU- I think) came and spoke to us. It was REALLY good, but kind of deep. He started out with an appropriate, but awkward joke that made all us missionaries blush. ha ha He talked about everything from the nature of God, our Heavenly Mother, and the Godhead to Marital Problems and Divorce rates. It was really good, but Sister White and I were glad we didn't bring an investigator. It was not the best fireside for someone who didn't really have a concept of marriage or eternity. The Red Deer YSA Sisters brought two investigators (they are currently living together and are both married to different people who won't approve a divorce. Not complicated at all eh?) Well, after we asked them what they thought and all they could say was interesting. I hope they don't lose them over this. Like I said, it was really great, but maybe not the best fireside for an investigator. Some of the things I learned were as follows. President Hinckley said, "A happy marriage is not so much a matter of romance as it is an anxious concern for the welfare and comfort of your spouse." And the single thing you can do to help your marriage is pray together as a couple. I love both of those things. I learned so much, but they would be more appropriate to share in a different setting. On the way home from the fireside (we rode with some members) it was snowing like crazy!!!! It was finally snowing like I always imagined it snowed in Canada.
Okay, I won't make you wait any longer. Indya Rae Herbert in BAPTIZED!!!! It was so amazing! Sister White and I went an hour before to check on the font (which took 4 hours to fill!!!) When we got there, there were a ton of random people we didn't recognize and the gym was decked out in decorations. Turns out a family in the ward was having a surprise Birthday party at the same time as the Baptism. They had music and they were all dressed up like the 50's (that was the theme). There were a ton of people at the church, but when it came time for the baptism the spirit was so strong in the Relief Society room. Indya was beaming! And.... her dad came!!! That was a miracle! He didn't stay for the refreshments but he came. It was so good. I just want to restate that Miracles happen. Prayer is answered! Indya had a lot of family that came and pretty much half the ward was there.The whole program went so well. I feel so blessed that I got to be a part of Indya's Baptism and help her get in the water. The next day was her Confirmation and when she went up to be confirmed she was just beaming. I loved seeing her glow. :) It was also neat for her uncle Rawle to baptize her. He was baptized 5 years ago and she is the first person he's baptized.

Well, I wanted to share some insights from Ether 12 :27;
"And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto mean weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them."
My Trainer taught me a great lesson in regards to this verse. She said, "The more weakness' we have the stronger our Heavenly Father can make us." So, don't look at your weakness' as a negative thing, but as a way to learn, grow, and to become stronger. I want to add my testimony to this. I have seen a lot of my weakness' as a missionary and I know that each time I turn to him and pray for strength I am given it.
I love you all. Continue to press forward seeking the Kingdom of God.
Love Always,
Sister Leanna Thompson
P.S. The attached pictures are; Indya with her Uncle Rawle, Indya with her Mom, Dad, and brother Adrian, Sister Thompson, Brother Joseph, Indya, and Sister White just before her baptism, and Sister White and I celebrating a successful day. Enjoy!

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