Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August 7, 2012

My Dear Loved Ones,
First off, Happy Birthday Grandpa Thompson and Happy Birthday Cyrena!!!! I hope your birthday today is a blast!!! As, I'm sure you've already researched (since I didn't email yesterday) we had yet another Canadian Holiday yesterday AKA Heritage Day! It was actually a weekend of fun that I'll fill you in on shortly. 
So, next on the list: Adventures of a Canadian Missionary! I had a pretty exciting weekend. Being Heritage Day yesterday, the City of Edmonton put on a huge Festival Saturday, Sunday and Monday. All the "City Missionaries" got the opportunity to help out on Saturday and Monday for the Food Bank. The Edmonton Food Bank put on the Festival which had 87 countries represented. (Edmonton has a lot of culture!!!) There were a ton of tents and tons of yummy food and great entertainment. It is estimated that the Foodbank makes at least 3 Million dollars just in ticket sales, let alone all the actual food donations. As per our volunteer duties we stood at the bus drop off and pick up to collect food and money for the food bank. Entrance to the Festival is free, but everyone is encouraged to donate to the food bank. You then buy tickets to get food from the different tents. It was pretty much a Gongshow! Tons and tons of people! I think there was an estimated 300,000 people that came. Seriously, tons of people! So, we greeted people and held milkjugs for them to donate money or their food tickets. It was a blast. There were two shifts of missionaries and we were on the second shift on Saturday. I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but Edmonton has bipolar weather. So Saturday night the whole park had to be evacuated because of a Tornado warning and severe thunderstorms. It started down pouring at about 7:40. We had all come over in 3 travel groups in the Mission 15 Passenger van. So, the Assistants took us, the first group with them to get the van. We ran through the downpour for like 10-15 minutes and boy were we soaked to the core. It was so wet. (Closest thing to swimming we can get as a missionary). I loved it though!!! So much fun! Good memories.

Well, then Monday we were on the day shift and it was Hot!!!! So hot! I'm in Canada so I didn't think to wear sunscreen. Well, by the end of our shift I looked like a lobster ;) I have a tan today though so I'm not complaining.

All in all it was really really neat. A ton of cultures! We got an hour break each day to get food (they gave us free tickets). It was a ton of fun. I wish I could have spent more time at each tent.
Oh another random thing that happened while there is this guy came up and talked to me while I was holding my jug and started talking to me. He was nice and we had a good conversation, but as he went to say goodbye he put his arms out to give me a hug.... I chuckled a little and said, "Sorry I don't give hugs." Ha ha ha so random. he was pretty sad.
On to Chris (our progressing investigator). Him and Jen are in Hawaii and we got special permission to skype him while he is gone for two weeks. It was a great lesson!!! Now, I can say I served an hour of my mission in Hawaii :) ha ha ha. He is still so amazing and I am so grateful that I have the privilege to teach him.

Also, last Monday, President Campbell asked Sister Roberts and I to take their family friend Carlie (20 yrs old) out with us. She was in town with her family visiting the Campbells and bringing President Campbell's daughter from Utah. So, of course all our appointments fell through so we were left to go finding. We went tracting and had not success for most the night and then the last house we decided to tract he invited us in. His name is Patrick, he is 27, and super curious. He had a ton of questions and it was a great discussion. We hope to meet with him again this week. The cool thing is Carlie said she has been thinking about a mission and that's why she wanted to come out with us. After our lesson with Patrick she said, "I decided I'm going to serve a mission. That was so neat and I want to be a part of this." It was really cool to have her there.
 Oh, I almost forgot- I got to see Gino this week!!!!!! :) I was so excited to see him. I went on splits with Sister Nash so that I could teach him again. He is doing so well and he was so excited to see me that when he did he gave me a side hug. Ha ha Oh man it's been almost 9 months since I last saw him. I got a picture with him and when he saw himself he said, "I am a handsome man!" Ha ha ha It's so good to see those you've taught and see them beaming.
Well, I sadly don't have anymore time. I love you all!!! The church is true and it's great to know this!
Love Eternally,
Sister Thompson

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