Monday, April 9, 2012

April 9, 2012

Dearest people I esteem, (I wanted to use a word other than love this time.)
I have hit a milestone in my mission... For the first time in 6 months it is warm enough to go with out nylons or tights! (with the new dresscode for sisters we aren't required to wear nylons everyday.) Wahoo!!!! Granted it's still a little chilly, but I just can't wait until June. It looks like spring is finally coming to stay. :) Also, you know you've been a missionary for 6 months when your companion tells you that you testified in your sleep. That's right, earlier this week Sister White woke up at 1:15am to me testifying about Our Savior and His Resurrection loudly in my sleep. She said that I was super emotional and crying as I testified, but that I bore a very strong testimony though. It's funny, because when I woke up I remember dreaming about testifying, guess I said it out loud. Pretty funny. We got a pretty good laugh about it.
The beginning of the week we had exchanges with the Kingsway sisters. I got to go with Sister Randall to serve in the North Edmonton Zone YSA. It was definitely different from the little town of Innisfail. I almost forgot how busy Edmonton is. Tons of people and cars and really nice neighborhoods. We had a good time. We taught a few people in their ward and it was fun to learn from Sister Randall. She is a great missionary. Her companion, Sister West, worked with Sister White. Sister West was in the MTC with me. It was funny because when we met up again at the half-way point (Ma-Me-O Beach exit) four other sisters were exchanging back right then too. So we of course took some pictures. It was super windy though. I love each time I get to see other missionaries. It's like saying hello again to friends you haven't seen in a while. We also got our mail on the way through Red Deer from the Zone Leaders and when I was up in Edmonton we stopped at the office. Thanks Dad for your letters!!! I also got a letter from Sister Fifield. She is doing amazing and it's great each time I get to hear from her. As for everyone else... refer to my previous email and/ or Elder David F. Evans talk in conference for instructions on what you should do. ;) ha ha
This week Sister White and I had a couple monumental lessons. First on Friday we taught a new investigator named Tina. She lives in Bowden and we tracted into her. She invited us back because she was curious why we would leave our families for 18 months to teach people. She wanted to hear what we had to say. Turns out her mother is a member too. She was baptized 7 years ago and when she told her mom that we stopped by her mom told her to listen to what we had to say. She is a really nice lady. Doesn't say a whole lot, but listens intently. She hasn't gone to church since she was 12 years old and stopped going after her Grandmother died. She feels like when we die, that's it. That gave me a great oppotunity to testify about life after death. She is interested in learning more. The lesson went really well and I'm excited to teach her again. She's not available until the 17th so we'll be teaching her then. Our other monumental lesson this week was with Sister Bateman in our ward. She is a less active sister, 89 years old. She was baptized about 4 or 5 years ago. She is originally Anglican and everytime a member or missionary visits with her she gets very questioning and contentious. We've taught her 4 lessons now and she had yet to ask any contentious questions of us... until this last time. Our previous lessons were just on Service or Hymns and with Easter we decided to just share a message about the Savior. The lesson itself went well and then she said, "That's what other churches believe too, so why do you think you're the only right church?" Kind of a loaded question hey? Sister White and I both testified. We talked with her for quite sometime and every question she asked we had a scripture to back up our testimony. I could definitely feel the spirit testifying through me and I was able to share a very strong testimony about how having the gospel of Jesus Christ has blessed my life. Although she still has her concerns, she began to soften and say, "I'll have to think about that more." It felt good to testify of what I know to be true.
Easter was wonderful. I love being a missionary during the different holidays. They aren't commercialized as a missionary so you really get to focus on the true meaning of why we celebrate. Sacrament meeting was wonderful with som great talks focussed on the Savior. In Gospel Principles we learned about the Savior and how He is our chosen Leader and Redeemer. At the end of church, Sister White was asked to play the piano for primary so we got to be in there with the kids. It's been years since I've been in primary, so that was an adventure. We visited a lot of the shut ins in our ward before and after our supper appointment. Supper was at the Heninger's house. Brother and Sister Heninger have 4 boys, 2, 4, 8, and 10. (They are pretty roudy boys but a lot of fun.) Brother and Sister Heninger both served missions. They invited a non-member to Easter Supper. Her name is Roslin. She and her son Mason were Jehovah's Witnesses, but left her church and her family has disowned her. We had an enjoyable time talking with her. For our lesson we talked about Christ. Sister White had this cool object lesson that represents the empty tomb. We took a marshmallow, butter, cinnamon/sugar, and crescent rolls to teach about the resurrection. The marshmallow represented the pure, sinless body of Christ. For burial they wrapped our Savior in oils and spices (butter and cinnamon/sugar) and then wrapped Him in linen (crescent roll) and put him in the tomb (oven). We had the boys help us do that and then we watched the last part of Finding Faith in Christ while they baked (3 days past). When we took them out of the tomb the linen was hallow and empty. He is Risen! The boys loved it! It was a great object lesson. (Not to mention that it tasted great!)
Overall, I'm so grateful for what My Savior has done for me. Because He lived again, each of us will live again. What a special gift that is and what comfort that brings to know that when we die we shall live again. I know this to be true and this knowledge brings me hope.
I wanted to close with a quote by our dear prophet, President Thomas S. Monson:
"Happiness comes from living the way the Lord wants you to live. "
Live the Gospel! Love the Gospel! And Remember, I love every single person reading this!!!
Love Forever,
Sister Thompson

P.S. I included some pictures for your enjoyment.
Sister Thompson and Sister Randall. Bet you can't tell that it was SUPER windy. My Scarf looks kinda silly ;)

Sister Atkins in our ward with Sister White and Thompson at her Surprise 50th Birthday Party! :) We've been teaching her and her family. They are great!!!

Sis Votary in the ward. We were playing around with her sunglasses. She is blind and we play crib with her and her husband every week. She is amazing. One of my favorite people.

 Happy Easter! We got this Easter basket for Sister Stanford (who we live with).

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