Monday, April 16, 2012

April 16, 2012

My Dearest family and friends,
Sister White and I got a big dose of "Companion Unity" this last weekend. As companions we share almost everything... including the flu. That's right, both of us got the 24 hour flu. :( First, Saturday evening Sister White had a stomach ache. She ended up throwing up in the middle of the night. We both wanted to take the sacrament at church the next day so we went just for the sacrament and then left so we wouldn't get anyone sick. I ran around to all the people we needed to talk to right before sacrament meeting started and got all that taken care of. While Sister White slept for 5 hours I studied, a lot! I caught up in my journal and watched "The Mountain of the Lord." Excellent movie. I'd recommend it to everyone. Then, as the day went on I started feeling sick. Around 8pm I threw up as well and Sister White was feeling better. Gotta love companion unity eh? Sadly in my sick condition (through throwing up) I ended up hurting my eyes. I now have a half rash/ you can see the blood vessels very prominently on my eyelids and around my eyes. Not cool. I'm feeling good today, but had to go without eye makeup so I don't irritate them more. Good thing I can wear glasses to kind of cover it up.
Well, now on a more uplifting note. This week went pretty well. Nothing super exciting or big sticks out so this is probably going to be a short, random email. Remember how I mentioned that spring was coming and probably here to stay? Well, I spoke too soon. We got a ton of snow on Thursday. :( Welcome to Canada hey? It got pretty cold too. -11 C. No fun. Nylons/ tights came back into my life. Thanks for your responses to my picture question :) (What was wrong with the Easter picture?) Elise was the winner! Way to go Elise! Expect your prize in the mail this upcoming week. :) For those of you who have to snail mail me your guess, you still have time. :) Uncle David got it right as well. Thanks for the Email. Expect your prize in the mail too. :) I also got my easter package. Thank you so much! All the pictures were fantastic. Loved it. I haven't had candy since the beginning of February so I was excited to eat some on Easter. Turns out candy isn't as good as I remember it being. I only had a few pieces before it started to make me feel sick. Guess, I'm over my candy addiction :)
We met with Lindsay Rector again this week (less active that is coming back to church). Through the ward we got her, her own set of scriptures and we gave them to her at our last visit. She held back the tears as she opened them. "I've never had my very own pair of scriptures before. Thank you so much." It was such a neat experience. I have loved getting to know her and seeing her testimony grow. She is so great!.
We also met with Donna Glenn again this week. She hasn't been to church in 60 years but does her visiting teaching. (She is in her early 80s) Her husband isn't a member and doesn't want home or visiting teachers coming. We stopped by her house back in January and met with her and her husband. They actually let us in. Now we've met with her once a month and each time we do she continues to open up to us. She has become a good friend of Sister White and I's. She told us that her husband just goes for a drive every time we're over and last time he hadn't left yet just as we were getting there. She told him (jokingly) "You can stay if you want. Maybe they'll convert ya." Ha ha ha he left in a hurry. He's getting older and is starting to get forgetful. She's a little worried about him. He's nice to us each time we see him though.
There's a couple in the ward, the Blanchards, that have been members for about 3 years. They have a pretty cool conversion story. They were kind of meeting with the missionaries off and on, but not really keeping commitments. Sister Blanchard was praying about the church and asked for a sign. They were having an alarm system installed and the girl that came to finish some paperwork noticed the Book of Mormon on their coffee table, she asked, "Are you Mormon?" They quickly replied no and she began to cry. She explained to the Blanchards that she grew up in the church, but made some bad choices and hasn't been to church in a while. She knows the church is true and wants to go back. They talked for a moment and after she left they brushed it off and figured it was just a coincidence. Well, about a half hour later the person scheduled to finish the installation came. He noticed the pamphlets and other church materials on their end table and asked, "Are you Mormon?" Again they explained that they weren't. He then told them that he was a returned missionary and grew up in the church. He was working on someone's house 30 miles away and got the call to come to their house because the regular installer in their area wasn't able to make it. He talked with them, shared his testimony, and told them that they should really listen to the missionaries. They were baptized shortly after. A year to the week after their baptism they went through the temple and were sealed. It was really cool to talk with them. They are a really neat couple. They go to Mexico 6 months out to the year so they just got back. Really neat people. We had a wonderful visit with them.
Random insert: over this last week I heard the United States National Athem coming from a TV upstairs. It made me super patriotic!
Well, I wanted to close with a quote.
"Men and Women who turn their lives over to God will discover thatt He can make a lot more out of their lives than they can. He will deepen their joys, expand their vision, quicken their minds, strengthen their muscles, lift their spirits, multiply their blessings, increase their opportunities, comfort their souls, raise up their friends, and pour out peace. Whoever will lose his life in the service of God will find eternal life."
-President Ezra Taft Benson
I encourage each of you to turn your lives over to God. Don't deny yourself the blessings he wants to give. Give your Mind and Heart along with your Might and Strength. Too often (missionaries included) we follow the commandments, are obedient, and give of our time and strength out of duty. Ask yourself "Are you giving your heart and mind? Or are you just doing it grudgingly?" Continue to strengthen your testimony. Learn the why of the Gospel.
I love you all so much!!! Make this week the best you can.
Love Forever,
Sister Thompson

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